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We welcome all types of players whether  serious or casual, new or those who wish to make our land their roleplay home.

If you like meter Combat or prefer rp combat both are welcome.
Unity/SF is our meter of choice.

Those players that are  joining us now will help us mold our roleplay and our  leadership.

Here in The Kingdom of Kalina ar Mori we reward loyalty, activity and those that wish to help us see the world thrive and grow. We do not open our doors with leaders and roles already taken and filled by friends. We recognize the importance of our players, for it is you that help make our world a reality and a fun and exciting place to be.


We Open for roleplay

You will find all the information you need in our OOC welcome centre.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have an questions.
I look forward to meeting,
Kestrel.( Kestreldare Resident)
Founder & GM


As seems to be the History of most realms war starts a chain of events that shape the world for many beings.

The Kingdom of Kalina ar Mori was an exception.  For hundreds of years it lived in peace and harmony. The Drow and other Dark races kept themselves to themselves,  busy with their own political  battles.
The other races lived side by side and the land flourished.

The Old King was tired and ready to sail to  Halls of Mandos in Valinor. He loved his daughter dearly but was unsure if she was ready to rule the land.

By his side for many years had been a human Mage, Sebastian.. He trusted him and wished to reward him for his long service. For over a year the old king debated with himself; should he leave the land to his daughter Cartel or Sebastian. It crossed his mind that maybe the two should marry, but that would mean the elven bloodline would become impure.

In The end the King decided they should rule side by side equal in power. For 20 years the two ruled together.  There was no love lost between them but Cartel knew she would outlive the human; what she did not take into account was Sebastian’s  only son.

Like his father, he was a mage, but here the difference lay, for Zaros followed the darks arts and became powerful, stopping at nothing to gain more and more power. When his father died, Zaros  took his place on the Throne next to Cartel. In time Zaros had two sons, and the Queen now had a baby daughter; she feared for her child’s life.

When news came that Zaros was rallying the dark races to over throw her, Cartel sent her daughter away back to the home of the Gray elves and land of her people.

Turning to Forest folk and humans for assistance, war broke out for the first time in over a thousand years. For six year war raged through the lands  splitting the land in two then four as others saw the opportunity to take the realm.

The Queen turned to the Goddess of the Moon vowing to do anything to end the war. The Lunar Lady felt for her people and spoke in the hall of the Gods on their behalf.

The deities of darkness, the Dark Seldarine did not want peace.  Those of the Seldarine did not see why they should interfere in earthly matters. Erevan Ilesere, the trickster  God, saw away to gain a foot hold in his followers, while Shevarash,  arisen mortal and god of vengeance and retribution also saw a way to gain power with those on earth both siding and aiding  Sehanine.

Without the aid of the dark ones they could not help Cartel win, but they could end the war.

Together, they made a magical item, and persuaded  Rillifane Rallathil, god of nature to lend his power to it. There had to be a sacrifice and a cost and that price was Cartels life.

The daughter of the night sky called the Elven Queen to her, and with sadness,  Sehanine Moonbow told Cartel of their plan  and the price for their aid. Cartel agreed without hesitation as tears fell down her face. The Goddess was not unfeeling and asked why she wept . The Elven Queen explained she worried for her daughter that she would never see again.

The Goddess told her she would watch over  her daughter and would allow the gray Elf Queen to see her child one last time before her life was taken. With her heart now filled with happiness that  there would be peace  once more, Cartel took the item asking what must be done.

That evening Cartel climbed the mountain in the centre of the realm. Below her, camp fires of the armies that gathered flickered in the twilight. To the West the elves and the Forest folk. Over in the south  the humans camped close to the battle line. Standing high on the mountain top she looked over to the north where the Drow, Lycans and other dark creatures lurked in the shadows. Last of all she looked to the east. The outlaws, pirates, rogues, Orcs and other beings of the world camped there.  As The Moon rose high in the sky, Cartel held the item given to her by the Goddess and began to chant the words she somehow knew she had to speak.

Goddess of  of Moonlight,  Mystic Seer.
Your will be done.
By the Power of the Gods this war will end.
From this time forward history portend.

As she held the crystal aloft, it glowed in her hand and the silver pointer in its centre began to spin.

She continued;-

North, South east and west
from this time on the realm progressed.

The land began to shake and thunder  clouds rolled in

As you lay here and now
so be the  lands this I vow.

War no more and make your homes
lay to rest your dead bones.

Lightning  lit up the night sky, and the wind howled over the realm. High on the mountain the Queen stood while the wind whipped back her hair and her clothing swiped round her as she  leaned into the wind, fighting to keep her balance.

No Queen or King will rule this land
By the  Guardians make your stand.

Trembling with cold her voice shouted above the howling wind

By this stone I wield the power
To Change the land by lights first hour.

A Loud peel of thunder rumbled, and lighting forked all round her, striking the stone she still held aloft. It shot out of her hand bursting into 6 parts leaving  Cartel crumpled, dying as she lay there on the ground.  In her hand she clutched a small piece of the Crystal in the shape of the crescent moon of her Goddess.

A young boy lay sleeping,  dreaming of battle and victories, when a loud crash of thunder shook his bed. His eyes snap open as sudden a searing pain shot through his body. Diving from the bed he pulled up his night shirt to find an odd stone that seemed to be imbedded in his skin…

As Cartels body lay dying, she found herself in spirit form, next to her daughter, who sat playing with a faun in the forest. Bending low she smiled and touched her daughters face. The child looked up and smiled, unafraid, as if she knew who this was. The stone in Cartel’s hand quivered. Opening her hand, the shard drifted through the air and landed on her daughters chest, embedding  itself beneath her skin. The small girl  cried out and lifted a tiny hand to cover the moon that was now part of her.

“ She will grow to watch over the land and be a Leader of her people. She will be the balance; it is her destiny!“

Across the realm the  remaining shards buried themselves into the four corners of the Kingdom.
The anger of the gods was felt throughout the land, be it  the darkest of souls or the good and the brave  all trembled with fear as the land shook beneath their feet.

The  Seldarine had spoken and the Dark Seldarine  could do nothing to undo what had been done.

Many years passed, and all the races settled into a new way of life.
Where Cartels castle had once stood, the humans built a city, naming  it Cartel after the elven Queen.
The City of dark souls surface lay in ruins,
Now the  throne lay empty, forgotten, buried under the city. Those who tried to take the realm and rule supreme over the Kingdom died in mysterious ways until all gave up trying, too afraid to make an attempt.

The gods watched and waited.
Satisfied that a lesson had been learned, the gods once most cast their power over the land of Kalina ar Mori. The hidden  shards that had lain buried were changed into artefacts of power..

The Goddess Sehanine Moonbow whispered in the ears of pixies knowing they would spread the word that should one prove worthy to hold such a treasure they would  become leader of their fiefdom, becoming the Guardian.

Once more the  Seldarine shook the realm and a Storm raged through the land for four days and nights……… When finally the storm abated, the die was cast for the lands future.

The Daughter of the Moon, Sehanine Moonbow   had one final task and with the aid of  Rillifane Rallathi, the god of nature empowered Cartels daughter, making her a powerful healer and druid. They gave to her the artefact of the scales; she would be the mystic oracle known as  the Keeper of Balance and uncrowned leader of the realm.

The Goddess and the God of nature  watched over the new mystic spending time with her and teaching her the skills she would need. It would be dangerous once she returned to the land …..and so it was decided that she would hide her identity and race.

So now we come to the present day.

The land is divided by  4 Fiefdoms which hold different race Groups.
Those fiefdoms will be lead by 4 guardians, should any prove worthy, by finding one of the items of power.
What happened to Zaros’s sons?
Who was the boy?

The Mystic Oracles identity is unknown at this time; indeed  it may never be revealed, only time will tell.  Who knows what pages of Kalina ar Mori History you will help to write..
The pages lay blank waiting for you to start the new adventures.

Welcome to the roleplay and the Kingdom of Kalina ar Mori
Signed. KestralDare Resident
Founder and GM.


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