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As you’ve probably read, we are a HUB of role players for role players. And if you, the word „us“ and „we“ reads here we mean you expressly Sim-Owner, who are your present with your RP sims at the hub.

It all starts with the fact that you rent a board for your RP sim and they are presenting to our visitors.

#rent board / Ad Board:
You can present the visitors of the Hubs  your RP-Sim.
In a board for you to put 2 graphics, 1 landmark and 1 NC. Visitors who click on the board, NC and LM are obtained.
COST: $ 40L / 4 weeks, maximum rental period 10 weeks. Before the rent expire,must be strictly renewed.     The tenant will receive an IM 3 times before the rental expires.

# „The list – just roleplay-sims“:
We create at least once a month a list of the represented rp-sims on the Hub. We ship this list in the „WoRPG – Messenger“ (as of 04.25.2015 = 225 members) once a month. In addition, the list in more than 20 role-playing groups will be shipped in different languages and can be related to the WoRPG landing point.
COST: Included in the price of the board!

# „The WoRPG Roleplay Calendar“:
All Sim Ownern are free to publish events related with their RP on the calendar. The manual can be ordered before the calendar.
COST: Included in the price of the board!

# „The WoRPG homepage“ !! N E W – N E W !!
All Simowner with an advertising sign on the WoRPG hub will have the opportunity to present their rp-sim on our website. Send Chri Emor a NC with the necessary information:
– Text; Imagine your Sim and your role-playing. Who are you? What are you playing? What are your places worth it?
– URL to an image; If we are to embed an image, we need to link to the image. Our space is limited and for this reason we do not save the images themselves. Flickr and similar portals offer you this service for free.
– SLURL: If you want that you visited someone … we need the SLURL. No one else will your Sim.
COST: Included in the price of the board!

# „The WoRPG banner exchange“
We have a banner exchange and you the sim!? You place the banner exchange . Simply click on the above image and then follow the instructions. While you have placed our banner exchange, as long as your Sim is included. Your Banner / Your texture is thus displayed on all participating Sims and on the Hub! If someone clicks on your image, it receives your LM!
COST: Included in the price of the board!

The Board, which your Sim presence on the role-playing worlds-list, the calendar, the banner-exchange and the idea of your Sim on the homepage cost you per week $ 10L. Converted are about 2 cents per week.

As an additional option you can rent on the Hub a special guest Board. It costs $ 300L per week and is placed in prominent places. There is only one such board per floor. Maximum rental period is 4 weeks.

you have question? So ask Patzifika Avora ,Chri Emor or Hoshi Rapsody inworld.

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